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You look pretty cool, wanna be friends?
~I have cookies~
Sure!! *nom nom* ^^
Oh, oh, 8059 fan here, may I add youuu? 8DD I stalked you from a fellow 8059 fan's journal found you and you seem really fun! :DD Friends??
Hey there! Haha WOAH we have a TON of 8059 friends in common! Adding you right away ♥

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Excuse me?? I don't know what you're referring to.

Deleted comment

Sure!! /adding back!
Hello! I'm another 8059 super-fan! Can we be friends? ^o^

ps. I was wondering... Your name is Cristina... are you Italian by any chance...? If that's so... siamo connazionali! XD
Yay 8059 friend of course!

And yes I am! My mom grew up in Verona. I got to visit Verona a few years ago I loved it. I don't speak too much Italian, just what my my mom has taught me, what I picked up in Italy and an Italian class I took. Sei tu?
My real name is Alessandra! I was born and live in Rome! :3
Verona is a beautiful city! I have to visit it sometime!

Italian sure is a difficult language... it's very tough to learn, isn't it? ^^
mind if i add you? i live in the oc as well
Sure! Hello there! :)
hello! :) i'll add you now. i live in buena park
Haha that's crazy I go to CSUF too! I live in Brea right now but I'm moving to Yorba Linda on Thursday.
my boyfriend attends csuf as well. he lived in the dorms for 2 years, and then we lived in garden grove and moved to bp a few months ago.
That's cool that your a business major :) I love the Mihaylo building I sometimes wish I majored in business hehe.
I'm majoring in art in illustration right now. We should meet up at school sometime! I hope your semester is going well. Just one more month until summer!
oh, i dont attend csuf, my boyfriend does. :)
Oooic :D
How do you like Buena Park? I used to take the bus through it all the time with my friends for Knotts and such.
I like it so far. Just trying to find a job. I live right across from the Fullerton airport on Commonwealth. Once the job happens I want to get a season pass to Knotts. I used to have one for Disney for a few years but it got too boring and repetitive. At least Knotts' rides have some thrill factor!
I hope you enjoy your new house~


5 years ago


5 years ago

Hi! This is Shelly lovetohaight. I'm still blogging privately, but I'd like to follow my friends without switching usernames. I'm going to add you, but if you would like me to remove you, let me know! Thanks :)

OMG I like all the animes that you stated and we're high in last.fm :)
You sound really fun and sweet, friends? ♥
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